Homelab journey, pt1(?)

Homelab journey, pt1(?)

So, um, I started my homelab at the start of the quarantine with my old pc that i thought was dead.

My setup back then and the server next to it lol

The specs were a core 2 duo e8400, 4 gigs of ram and a gigabyte g41m-vs3(fucking ancient), and a mix of random hard drives. It used to run ubuntu with nextcloud in a snap and samba but i switched to proxmox for some time until i upgraded.

It was doing quite fine until the sata controller just died on it so i just...

got the same fucking parts but with a new case and more hdds lol. I installed debian and docker on it and was running like for 2 years but a friend gave me an unraid key and i moved over to that(still using it btw).

Then i got into networking and got a custom router running opnsense from the same friend, some shitty switches and it turned out pretty well. The ssd in that router killed itself a couple of times because i used zfs but who cares

In the picture you can also see my current server that i built quite cheaply. the specs are an i3-9100, some msi h310 mobo, a corsair 450w psu and 3x2tb toshiba drives and an aliexpress asmedia sata card.

i haven't really made any upgrades after that so i can just list my services and shit lol.

on the unraid server i have

  • jellyfin
  • arr stack(bazarr,prowlarr,radarr,sonarr,flaresolverr)
  • slskd
  • navidrome
  • vaultwarden
  • nextcloud
  • syncthing
  • a minecraft server
  • immich

and a bunch of other random containers lol

i also installed proxmox on my brother's old pc so i can host frigate for my single ip camera and it kinda works i guess?

getting a homeserver overall really helped me learning linux and pc stuff in general so um, cool! i don't really know what to write here so i am just showing pictures and stuff but i hope it gets better somehow overtime?

big shoutout to wolfgang, most of the stuff here was made possible because of him, also the custom router and unraid key was given by him. check his stuff out, he makes p cool vids!